Jacob Javed Welfare Trust International Association is purely a non-profit, Non-Government Organization in public sector registered with Government of Pakistan & Government of Sindh vide Registration No.(76) dated 27th January, 2012 in Karachi Pakistan. which is daily running a big fleet of Jacob Javed Ambulances equipped with first-aid box, oxygen cylinder and paramedic for the causes and services to common people without any discrimination of caste creed or colour and for saving the precious human lives without affiliation with any political or religious party or any ethnic group/trust.

In frequent road accidents, sudden disaster, bomb blast, firing, stamped, heavy rain, train collision, building and bridge collapse, unexpected event and emergency. Our Ambulances with highly motivated and dedicated volunteers hurriedly rush and always reach the spot FIRST for immediate help and assistance to the suffering people and remain day & night 24 hours busy with lifting and shifting the road-lying accidentally wounded wriggling sobbing sighing helpless persons, sick’s and emergency patients to hospitals and medical aid centers in attempts to save the valuable lives. Its Rescue Team daily saves a number of precious human lives which is highly applauded by public and local & foreign media.

Jacob Javed Welfare Trust International daily provides free foods to poor, labours and low-income group worried & starving people on Jacob javed Dastarkhawans spread Jinnah Hospital with respect, proper attention and due care regularly, so that from the savings they can spend money on their children’s education, health and utility bills and could heave a sigh of relief in these days of great hardship.

Jacob Javed Welfare Trust International also remains busy with distribution of Free Monthly Ration to the poor white-collared families, free medicines, free clothes, blankets, etc., to the deserving indigent people and many others social and welfare activities, humanitarian work, financial helps and supports to the poor worried aged persons, widows, orphans, paupers & daily wages workers every month round the year.