General Services

Jacob Javed Welfare Trust International remains busy with distribution of Free Monthly Ration to the poor white-collared families, free medicines, free clothes, blankets, Kheraat, Zakaat, Sadqaat, Grant, Gift, useless item, Scrape,Furniture Donation etc., to the deserving indigent people and many others social and welfare activities, humanitarian work, financial helps and supports to the poor worried aged persons, widows, orphans, paupers & daily wages workers every month round the year.

For meeting the large yearly expenses of welfare work, we require Big Fund and would humbly request you to please send us LARGE AFFORDABLE AMOUNTS of Charities, Grants, Gifts, Zakat, Sadqaat and donations to Jacob Javed Welfare Trust International.

Request: Please sympathetically consider our for financial help Donation Charity to improve our services Looking forward for yours favorable Reply.